Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Review: Graco SnugRider Elite Car Seat Carrier

Absolutely LOVE this stroller!!!

We bought it for a 2-week-long trip to Europe and it was fantastic!

Our Graco car seat clicks quickly into the stroller. Pushing it is very smooth. The wheels turn easily and brakes work well. The parent's tray is great for holding drinks and a phone, wallet, camera, or snack.

There isn't a canopy on the frame, so we used a large muslin blanket to help keep the sun off our baby. We tied one side to the handle of the car seat, and put the other side on top of the stroller handle. Worked like a charm!

The handle is easily adjusted and perfect for my tall husband. It's also padded, which is a great bonus. The frame seems quite sturdy and folds down easily. It's also very lightweight and takes up a very minimum of space. Perfect for us in the taxi, bus, subway, car, and airplane.

It folds fairly easily, though you'll want to practice in advance so you can do it quickly. To fold: on the handle there's a grey button you push with your thumb, while pushing the grey grip bar that's underneath the handle. Then simply fold, and go!

The basket underneath is nice and large, though I do wish it were easier to access. At the front part of the basket there's a flap with velcro and snaps that are fairly easy to unhook for access to the basket. This is great for removing smaller items. Most of the time, however, we found it easier to just remove the whole car seat to get our diaper bag out of the basket.

I love this stroller so much that it's tempting to use it instead of our Graco Dynamo Lite Classic Stroller! Alas, our 3-year-old likes to sit in the basket of the Dynamo while the 1-year-old is in the car seat, so we'll stick with the Dynamo...for now. :)

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Graco SnugRider Elite Car Seat Carrier

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