Friday, November 19, 2010

Review - Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 - Metallic Black

Overall this is a fantastic mouse! Love the scroll button in the middle. I have my left and right buttons set to back and forward (internet browser) and they work great. The mouse is comfortable to use. I keep mine on a mouse pad and it moves pretty smoothly.

Battery life is great! I use rechargeable batteries and they last quite awhile.

My only complaint is the "low signal" message that kept coming up. I finally disabled the messages. I don't use the magnifier very often, but have heard that others had mixed results with that feature.

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Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 - Metallic Black (63A-00001)

Update: May 2014
My husband and I each have this mouse for our computers. We've had them for 3.5 years and they're still going strong! :)