Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Review - iHome iH9 Alarm Clock Speaker System with Dock for iPod (Black)

I purchased this handy little iPod system as a Christmas present for my husband. Good news: it fits our iPod perfectly! The sound is nice and clear, remote works well, and he loves being able to see the time from across the room. It charges the iPod without any problems, and we both love the DST switch that makes it super easy to switch over to daylight savings time.

The dimmer on the sharp LCD screen is awesome! We use it as a little nightlight for me and love being able to customize it. The AM/FM radio works ok. Not fantastic, but it works. The buttons on top are fairly intuitive. Enough so that I was able to figure them out without reading the whole manual like my husband does!

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iHome iH9 Alarm Clock Speaker System with Dock for iPod (Black)

Update October 2012:
We've moved this to my nightstand, where I keep our old iPod shuffle set to our "rain sounds" music. I keep it on repeat and love walking into our bedroom; it sounds so peaceful! Makes for a great white-noise maker for me. :)

Update December 2013:
We've now had this for 5 years and gotten a ton of use out of it. Unfortunately, it now has a fairly loud vibrating/humming noise every time we turn on the iPod. Very frustrating! The screen is still crystal clear so I use it as a clock/nightlight. A very large and bulky clock. Wish it would have lasted longer. Not sure if we'll buy another iHome product.