Thursday, May 22, 2014

Review - BESTEK Portable charger universal adapter travel converter

Fantastic charger! We bought this for a trip to Europe. It was awesome! We used it constantly for 2 weeks and it worked perfectly.

Usually we had the following plugged in at the same time: laptop (AC outlet), 2 cell phones (2 AC outlets), mini-diffuser (usb port), 2 external cell phone batteries (2 usb ports), and iPod (usb port). Everything plugged in easily and charged well.

The charger has a built-in fan, which is great for keeping it from overheating. The fan does make a little bit of noise. I liked it for the white noise when we were sleeping. When watching shows on the laptop, it wasn't too loud that it was distracting.

Overall, a wonderful purchase. We highly recommend it!

Click below to buy it at Amazon:

BESTEK Portable charger universal adapter travel converter voltage 220V to 110V + UK/US/AU/EU plug + 4.2A four USB charging port for tablets,iPad,cell phone,iphone,samsung ect. MRJ201GU

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