Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review: Graco Dynamo Lite Classic Connect Stroller, Oasis

I like this stroller, for the most part.

We received this after having problems with the folding mechanism on the Graco stroller we bought as part of our travel system (see that review here:

The pattern is cute (though I wish it matched our car seat, like our original stroller did). Very gender neutral. Canopy is large and works well. I like that it has a little flap check on baby without opening the whole canopy.  Parent tray holds most drinks fairly well, and the open compartment is great for phones, keys, wallet, camera, etc. Child's tray holds a bottle or sippy cup really well. I also like that it opens easily from either side (for my independent little one!)

Our Graco car seat snaps easily and securely into place. Basket underneath is very roomy and sturdy! Our 3-year-old likes to crawl in there while I'm pushing the baby in the car seat, and the basket easily holds her weight! The 5-point harness is great when we're not using the car seat. Straps are fairly easy to adjust.

The wheels have been squeaking for awhile but I think some WD-40 would solve that problem very quickly. The folding mechanism on the handle has never gotten stuck.

My only big complaint is that it's really awkward to unfold. Impossible to do it with one hand. You have to hold the handle with your right hand and use your left to pull the latch off the left side, and pull the handle out to unfold it. But if your left hand slips while holding the latch, you get to start again. Lucky you!

Folding the stroller is pretty quick: you push the button, turn the handle and fold. It folds in half and fits in a fairly small space, which is nice. It's just the unfolding that's a pain.

I wish the child's foot rest were wider, but that's not a huge issue.

Overall, a great stroller.

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Graco Dynamo Lite Classic Connect Stroller, Oasis

Update: May 2014
We've been using this stroller almost daily for the past 3 years and it's still in great shape! Wish unfolding it were easier, but it works and we like it. :)

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