Friday, April 8, 2011

Review: Flexi Freeze Refreezable Ice Sheets 3 pack

Looking for the best ice packs for your cooler? The search is over!

Love how flexible and customizable these are. We keep them in our freezer and they're so easy to pop in the cooler for a picnic, camping, or road trip. They last quite awhile, and we never have to worry about them leaking all over the ice chest (I'm looking at you, ziploc baggies!)

Worth the price; recommend to everyone!

Click below to purchase at Amazon:
Flexi Freeze Refreezable Ice Sheets 3 pack

Update: May 2014
Just returned from a trip to a cabin for Memorial Day. It's a 3-hour journey each way, but our handy Flexi Freeze sheets did a fantastic job keeping the milk cold (and the chicken frozen!) for the entire journey! Still going strong after 3 years.

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