Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Review - Epson B11B193081 Perfection V300 Photo Scanner

As a Family History/Genealogy major, I bought this to scan old documents, books, and photos. I love it! The scans are fairly quick and the images produced are crystal clear. The lid lifts up quite a bit, which is great for books and other larger objects. We've also used it to scan negatives and slides, and it did an amazing job.

I love how fast this scanner is! No long "warm-up" time, which is great when you're in a hurry. There are a lot of different modes to choose from.

The only thing that bothers me is that if I put a card (insurance card, etc.) in the lower left corner, sometimes the scanner will miss the edges of the card. Moving the card up a little and to the center corrects the problem.

I'd definitely buy this scanner again!

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Epson B11B193081 Perfection V300 Photo Scanner

Update: May 2014
We've now had this scanner for 3.5 years and it's still working great! We're getting our money's worth with this baby. :)

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