Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Review - Step2 Canopy Wagon

We love our "little red wagon"! I purchased this for our sons for the 4th of July. We've since used it at our city's fireworks show, the Utah State Fair, local Farmer's Market, and multiple times at the Waterpark. Our boys like playing with it in our yard. This has gotten a lot of use!

The seats are comfortable and the seat belts work great for our kiddos. They love having their own little cup holders, and space under the seat for their toys. I like the cupholders on the canopy, as well as the compartment for keys and sunglasses. The wheels swivel easily and the wagon itself is nice and sturdy.

Sometimes we use the wagon instead of our double stroller. We use a bungee cord to secure our diaper bag on top of the canopy. I LOVE how easily the canopy comes off. The wagon and canopy fit into the back of our van nicely.

I wish the wheels were a bit bigger so it would be easier to pull the wagon on grass and uneven ground, but overall we really like the wagon!

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Step2 Canopy Wagon

Update: April 2014
We've had the wagon for almost 5 years and it's still going strong! We now have 2 little girls who love using it. Glad to have such a well-made wagon. I'm a huge fan of the Step2 company!

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